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-#​VictoryPages +In the 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes brings you her well-rounded ​look at the most pressing social and cultural issues plaguing ​our globalized world todayFrom education to politics, trade, ​and more, Scottie breaks down global trends and helps you, the viewersee how local issues affect ​the entire globe. Join us as we expand your perspective ​on the 360 View
-#​VictoryPages is a versatile social media documentary project. It offers an opportunity to look at the historical magnitude of May 9, 1945 through personal impressions of our contemporariesThis is a story of Victory told for the young and by the youngusing the language of modern media, ​on five social networks. A fresh page in the story of The Victory, it reads through visual art, interactive formats and dynamic real-time storytelling+[[https://​​|]]
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