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Many of those who use the Internet prefer not just to wander through different sites, but to exploit the environment to their advantage. A widespread way to use Internet resources to generate income is to earn money on homemade websites. In order to make websites, you need to know and apply technologies. The leading position is occupied by the WordPress (WP) system among webmasters. This software product allows you to build your website in the shortest possible time. To do this, there is no need to have deep knowledge in programming. The whole process and speed is achieved due to a huge number of ready-made templates for websites. Also, templates can be easily changed to suit your taste and color, if the webmaster can understand the programming language. The WP environment also allows you to manage categories, design posts and pages, add content (audio, video, graphics). The environment provides high-performance operation of a self-made site. Among the indisputable advantages of WP, the following should be noted: Word Press can always be found freely available . Thanks to this, you avoid a number of costs for the maintenance and installation of your site. The WP engine is easy to install and extremely easy to use. You can master the system right in the process of making a website . Since the engine runs on a remote server, only a browser is needed to use it. Due to this, there are no special requirements for the operating system and the computer . working in word press is very comfortable and simple, because it is possible to work with text editors and with the visual component. WP is used by a very large number of people, thanks to which it is always being developed and some kind of modules or plugins are being developed to expand the capabilities of. Plugins for WP woo product filter So, plugins serve to increase the original WP functionality. The use of a wide variety of plugins greatly improves the quality of any site that is rolled out on this engine . This ensures both improved site administration and comfort for its visitors. It is important that based on open access, all plugins can be processed and improved, which the simplest webmasters are capable of. The most developed options are usually put up for public access and are in great demand. There are a great many plugins that provide a variety of functions. It should be borne in mind that you need to use plugins with caution. Only experienced developers will be able to correctly create and configure a website with plugins for word press, not a competent specialist can ruin everything.

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